IFSJM is an independent sports federation for fulfilling your dream “attain honor with your media”
A new occupation namely journalism and working in the media was created in 1605 when the first newspaper in the world was published in Strasburg and now after 415 years since the event, sports events are one of the most important parts of the news coverage by all media, and now absolutely holding Olympic Games, world cups and different continental races is impossible without the presence of Journalists and media coverage.

Journalists and media have been present in all Olympics, world cups, inter-continental, national and local races but unfortunately, they have never had the opportunity to participate as sports teams in international and world sports competitions. Whereas, the other guilds such as workers, students of the university, students, firefighters, militaries, companies, etc. have their international and private sports federation for their guilds for many years and they perform nationwide and international sports competitions.

That made me decides to rely on 27 years international activities records in sports corresponding field and 17 years’ experience of management and sport coaching in more than 6 various countries of the worlds, to found the International Federation of Sport for Journalists and Media (IFSJM), that hereafter Journalists, Authors, Photographers, Camerapersons, Employees of Media in Television, Radio, Newspapers, News agencies, Magazines, and Digital Media could participate in nationwide and international sports competitions and compete with the media of other countries of the world.

As we mentioned on our website, our Federation is a non-profit, non-governmental organization and we have no affiliation or cooperation in any field with sports or non-sports Federations and Associations such as IFJ and AIPS, etc. but we are openly looking forward to having all kind cooperation with them in future.
IFSJM costs are provided through attracting sponsors and the Entrance fee is paid by teams interested to participate in the World Cups competitions.
Finally, I should say that the objective behind established this federation is, materializing the dreams of journalists and media staff to take part in international sports events and try to attain champion.

Wait for these splendid events with the slogan “attain honor with your media”.