Get Your International ID Card

Membership card is valid until the end of 2023 and you can participate in all competitions under the IFSJM.

All holders of the IFSJM Membership Card will enjoy discounts and facilities announced at the Members Club until the end of 2023. These discounts on the use of facilities of some international companies that have contracts with the IFSJM are including an airline, hotel, sportswear, restaurant, online store, banking services, home appliances, and etc..

Deposit 50 USD (Fifty US Dollars) to card number with the following details: 
Name of Bank:  AMERIABANK
Country: ARMENIA
Card Number: 9051 1902 0039 8624
Cardholder's Name: KARIM MOGHADDAM

Send the scan of bank receipt, personal photo, passport, and ID card of the media you are currently working now, along with the form.

By completing this form and sending it, you give permission to the IFSJM to provide your registration information to the sponsoring companies of the contracting party of the IFSJM so that they can contact you to send discount codes and facilities Considered. (The name of the sponsors and how to use their facilities and discounts will be announced soon through the member’s club section of IFSJM site).

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