It is more than one hundred years that different journalists and Media have covered the news of all sports federations in the world besides the other news although they were the closest person to the competitions after players and coaches, they were only the narrators and illustrators of the honors of various sports teams in the world and they couldn’t experience the presence in a nationwide and international sports competition in the form of a media team. Whereas, the other guilds such as workers, students of the university, students, firefighters, militaries, companies, etc. have their international and private sports federation for their guilds for many years and they perform nationwide and international sports competitions.
That made me decides to rely on 27 years of international activities records in sports corresponding field and 17 years experience of management and sport coaching in more than 6 various countries of the worlds, to found the International Federation of Sport for Journalists and Media (IFSJM), that hereafter Journalists, Authors, Photographers, Camerapersons, Employees of Media in Television, Radio, Newspapers, News agencies, Magazines, and Digital Media could participate in nationwide and international sports competitions and compete with the media of other countries of the world.
Our motto is: “attain honor with your media”.
Karim Moghaddam
Founder and President of International Federation of Sport for Journalists and Media
    Professional CV
    Name: Karim Moghaddam
    Nationality: Iranian
    Language: Persian, English, Arabic
* International Sports Journalist (1992 – 2020).
* Members of International Federation of Sports Press, AIPS (1999 – 2022).
* Members of International Federation of Journalist, IFJ (1998 – 2009).
* Sports Journalist of Iran National Radio & TV (2010 – 2020).
* Founder of Beach Soccer in Iran (2002).
* First Asian Beach Soccer Coach (2003).
* Head of Beach Soccer Committee of Iran Football Federation (2002 – 2008).
* Manager of SAIPA Football Club (2009 - 2011).
* FIFA & AFC Football and Beach Soccer Coaching License.
* Head Coach of Iran, Philippines, Kuwait, Lebanon & Iraq Beach Soccer National Team (2003 - 2019).
* FIFA Beach Soccer Instructor (2014).
* Founder and President of International Federation of Sport for Journalists and Media – IFSJM (2019).
* Director of Tournament Development for FIFCO International Federation (2019).
* Founder & President of Iran Mini Football Association (2018 - Present).
* Head Coach of Iran Mini Football National Team (2018).
* Founder and President of World Sports Games of Banks Organization – WSGB (2019- Present).
* Vice President of Asian Mini Football Confederation – AMFC (2022- Present).

Mobile & WhatsApp: ‌+37455968108
Instagram: @karim.moghaddam
Facebook: @karim.moghadam
linkedin: @karim-moghadam

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